Pilates Place

A place of positive energy for everyone.

Pilates Place is a studio located in Santa Monica, California. The main goal at Pilates Place is to have our clients walk away from the studio with a feeling of confidence, both physically and mentally. While the external benefits of Pilates include toned muscles, flattened abdominals and improved posture, the benefits of a centered body are deeper than a mirrored reflection. Reduced stress, increased metabolism and improved bone density are all results of the body in correct alignment. Pilates Place is a place of positive energy for everyone.


Prenatal classes

Pilates Place supports Moms-to-be throughout their pregnancy and even after their baby is born.  With specialized instruction, techniques, and equipment, pregnant Moms can feel confident and safe while building their strength.

You can choose to take Private classes for focused one-on-one attention or join one of our Prenatal Reformer Classes.


Prenatal: Wednesday 7pm, Thursday 12:30pm & Sunday 8am


Please call 
(310) 907-5460