Pilates Place

A place of positive energy for everyone.

Pilates Place is a studio located in Santa Monica, California. The main goal at Pilates Place is to have our clients walk away from the studio with a feeling of confidence, both physically and mentally. While the external benefits of Pilates include toned muscles, flattened abdominals and improved posture, the benefits of a centered body are deeper than a mirrored reflection. Reduced stress, increased metabolism and improved bone density are all results of the body in correct alignment. Pilates Place is a place of positive energy for everyone.



$86 per session

Series of 5 - $405
$81 per session

Series of 10 - $760
$76 per session


(You must form your own duo) Price per person

$66 per session

Series of 10 -$610
$61 per session

Group Reformer Class

$38 per person

Series of 5 - $175
$35 per class

Series of 10 - $320
$32 per class

Unlimited Group Reformer Classes
$375 for 30 days

3 month contract        $315 per month

6 month contract      $260 per month

New Client Specials

3 Private Sessions    - $213                    

3 Group Reformer    - $60                       

To Book a Private or a Duo Call (310) 907-5460 or email pilatesplace@mac.com

* To work with the owners, Sarah or Carrie, please call for special rates.