Success Stories

Chelsea Peck, OWNER Pilates O Ka La Studio in Honolulu


I would not be where I am today without having completed the Pilates Place Teacher Training Program. The program excels in 3 areas that I find most important when selecting a teacher training program: 1) extremely small group size with 2 PMA Certified Instructors, 2) inclusive of both Classical & Contemporary Pilates Methods on all Pilates apparatus (of utmost importance to being a strong teacher today), and 3) a fantastic studio environment where you can learn everything you need to know about teaching in a successful studio.

I would highly recommend the Pilates Place Teacher Training to anyone who is serious about gaining a truly comprehensive education in not only the study of Pilates, but truly understanding anatomy and movement, and being a great teacher.

After completing the Pilates Place Teacher Training Program I felt well-prepared to start teaching clients and group classes right away, and after working as an instructor at Pilates Place for 5 years, I am now so grateful to be opening my own studio back home in Hawaii.

Sarah Lharaig , PILATES TEACHER in France

Choosing the Pilates Place Teacher Training program was the best decision I ever made. Arriving from France, I was at first really impressed with the patience of Carrie and Sarah, always available and taking time to help me with the language challenges.  This program put me in the best condition to study because it is a really small group size with two instructors. Carrie and Sarah are really passionate and professional, with a deep knowledge of Pilates, anatomy, and an understanding of the body.  After the certification I really had the feeling that I assimilated all the exercises of classical and west coast Pilates, but also (and I think it is one of the most important things) understood the objective of each exercise.

Back in France, a year after the training, I’m teaching in different studios incorporating mat work, all apparatus work and even teaching group classes. The Pilates Place Teacher Training program gave me the opportunity to feel confident and ready to teach anywhere. 

I would highly recommend this program and specifically for people from abroad. You will get an in-depth and complete program with the best teachers who are very attentive and always available to help. For me it was a fun, and gratifying adventure and I’m so thankful to be doing Pilates for a living! 


The Pilates Place Teacher Training was comprehensive, concise, and fun! Sarah and Carrie have a wealth of knowledge and are natural teachers. You learn not only about anatomy and Pilates, but also how to be a clear communicator and energetic teacher. 

After completing the teacher training, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working at this beautiful studio. I continue to learn and grow as a teacher with each class that I take from the teachers at Pilates Place. 

I have since gone on to go through nursing school and now work full time as an RN, which has given me an even deeper appreciation for my training with Pilates Place. Sarah and Carrie always place a strong emphasis on client safety, anatomy, ad individualized plans for clients, and staying true to the original principles of Pilates. With their training, I feel prepared to customize a Pilates work out for people of all ages, fitness levels, and injuries. 


The teacher training program at Pilates Place was fantastic. The comprehensive program covers Classical and West Coast Pilates on all of the apparatus. The way the sections are broken down and taught made me very confident that I would not only learn everything I needed to but that I would be a competent and wonderful teacher. The studio, as well as all of the other teachers there make completing the hours so easy and pleasurable.  I currently teach at Pilates Place because it is a good fit for me and I’m very happy here; but don’t worry - this program will equip you with the knowledge and skill set to be able to get a Pilates teaching position in any studio.