Why Our Studio?

There are quite a few Pilates studios in this town, and with so many new studios opening every day, we know you have a lot of options.  Since opening our doors in 2007, we’ve prided ourselves in our authentic teaching methods and high standard for excellence. Owners Carrie Jacobsen and Sarah Leifer have watched the boutique fitness industry boom over the last 20 years.  They’ve resisted fitness fads and alternative methods, and maintained the authenticity of the studio by staying true to the core principles developed by Joseph Pilates, creator of the Pilates fitness method.  Sarah and Carrie understand and respect the rigorous level of training necessary to build great instructors and therefore only hire teachers that have completed a 450-hour curriculum that’s been approved by the Pilates Method Alliance. Carrie, Sarah, and the teachers at Pilates Place also regularly attend continuing education workshops and Pilates conferences, to keep the studio and its message current.

We take pride in helping our clients feel great, in their bodies and their lives.

Common Questions… if you don’t see yours below, feel free to ask! We are here to help & want you to be comfortable.

  • New to Pilates? You’re in the right place!  We have classes….Even if you have a lot of experience with Mat Pilates, the equipment will take some getting used to, so we still encourage you to start with a private session.  Understanding the basic moves and apparatus will help you get the most out of every workout while you advance in your practice.  

  • I’m a New Client.  What Should I do? Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your session to check in and we can introduce you to our studio.

  • What Do I Wear? Wear comfortable clothes that will move with you.  During your session, you’ll have your legs or arms in the air, so we suggest fitted clothing that won’t shift or get in the way during your workout.  Close-fitting clothing will also allow your teachers to monitor your form so they can correct it, if necessary. We also ask that you wear grippy socks for stability and your safety.  Need socks?  You can find them online (Search for Pilates Grip Socks) or at our front desk. *** Please avoid clothing with exposed zippers or other hardware, as they can damage the surface of our machines. 

  • Where do I park? 

    We have free underground parking! The entrance to the parking garage is off of 15th street to the right of the building. Please note it’s first come, first serve (it’s 2 levels so if you don’t see a spot right away, continue to drive down). There is also 2-hour street parking available off 15th and meter parking available off Montana Ave. 

  • Should I sign up for class in advance?

    We encourage everyone to sign-up up for classes in advance as most of our classes do fill up. But you can always try walking-in, calling or emailing us to see if there’s a open spot.

    How do I sign up for class?

    Using MindBody.com or the MindBody app is the quickest way to view our schedule, sign up, or put yourself on the waitlist for a class. To make a reservation login to your “MindBody” account, go “Schedule,” then click "Book a Class.” If you have trouble scheduling a class or have any questions, please email or call the studio!

    You can also find our Pilates Place app in the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.

  • What if I am Running Late? We know life happens, so if you know you’ll be late, please call or email us.  We can hold your spot for 10 minutes.  If you don’t notify us and the class has a waitlist, we’ll give your spot to the next person after 5 minutes.

  • What if I Need to Cancel a Group Reformer Class? You may cancel your class free of charge up to 24 hours before your class. If you cancel within 24 hours it’s considered a “late cancel” and you will be charged for the class. If you have an Unlimited Plan, you will be charged $5 for a “late cancel,” and if you have a 6- or 3-month Plan you will be charged $10 and lose that class. 

    If you signed up for class via a third party site, such as Class Pass, please refer to their cancellation policy. 

    If you need to cancel a reservation, login to your “MindBody” account, go to “My Info,” click “My Schedule” and click “Cancel” next to the class time. Please email or call the studio with any problems or issues!

    Cancelled classes cannot be switched within the 24-hour window. All sales are final. Classes are non-refundable, exchangeable or transferable.

  • Need to cancel a Private Session? If you need to cancel a Private Session we require 24 hours notice. Please email the studio so we get the notice as soon as possible. If you cancel within the 24-hour window, you will be charged for your session. 

    All sales are final. Sessions are non-refundable, exchangeable or transferable.  

  • How many people are in a group class? Group Reformer classes can have up to 7 people and as few as 2 (if less than 2 sign up we cancel the class). In our Group Reformer room we have 7 sets of Reformer and Wunda Chairs.  

  • If I’m pregnant, can I do Pilates? If you are pregnant, make sure to get your doctor's approval before coming in to see us. If your doctor clears you, then yes, we’d love to have you! Please let your instructor know you are pregnant before starting so they can avoid giving you exercises that might be risky for you or your pregnancy. We also offer prenatal classes throughout the week and highly recommend these classes for a workout that’s tailored just for you!

  • What is your cell phone policy? We ask that all cell phones be turned to silent mode for the duration of the class. If you have an emergency situation, please excuse yourself from class to take the call. 

  • How many days a week should I do pilates?  The best thing about Pilates is you can do it everyday! To see the best results we encourage you to come 3 times a week, but we know life is crazy. We like to say 1 time a week is better than none!